We offer Management solutions to manage all kind of documents, web applications that use Open Source standards and technologies, under the archiving directives and norms regulating each particular country.


For any type of sector (Commerce, Health, Law Offices, Public Entities, Architecture, Engineering, etc.). This allows to manage, organize and locate all kind of documents electronically, including customer records and digital documents, employee records, suppliers, accounts payable, projects, invoices, purchase orders, declarations, patients, reports, among others. 

Save costs and time in manual searches. We guarantee the most appropriate management. It is the automation, storage, security, retrieval, tracking or organization of any type of document.
  • Centralizes all enterprise content in a single environment, streamlining access to information.

  • Reduces costs of physical document storage.

  • Minimizes the need to print documents and process paper.

  • Ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Simplifies and accelerates creation, review and publishing of documents.

  • Promotes collaboration and ensures access to updated content in real time.

  • Eliminates delays and inefficiencies due to manual processes and use of obsolete documents.

  • Boosts productivity across the enterprise, by standardizing document control processes.

  • Automates character recognition and lowers the risk of content being erroneously indexed.

  • Provides full visibility of tasks, deadlines and teams' workloads, allowing for identification of bottlenecks and deviations.

The Solution- SoftExpert ECM

 Workflows for reviewing, approval and validation.

Assign tasks to groups or users.

Monitor workflow tasks, status and process.

Configurable mail message notifications.

Metadata Capture.

Electronic signature.

Reduced operational time.

Improved quality.

Reduced direct human labor costs and expenses.


The Solution- SoftExpert ECM

With ECM enterprise document management you can:

Control your enterprise content.

Collect information from any digital source.

Enterprise content management features.

Manage digital content.

Manage documents.

Classification of documents.

Set lifecycle management.

Set information governance.

Manage content.

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