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Domain (1) year ( $ 29.00
Site Hosting (1) year  $ 238.00
Corporate email account (1) year. Acquire and Configure Corporate eMail (Gmail). For example: $82.00


Acquisition of a new Hosting service. This is the space on the internet where you will host all the files of your website, all the design, images, text, documents, videos, etc. A platform to create and maintain all the material of the modern virtual business.

Domain, Hosting and email: These services must be purchased and renewed annually.



Website Design: $ 819.00


Creation of a modern, optimized website.

Creation and updating of the main pages:

Home, About us, Products and services. Background with Videos.

Our Projects with descriptions and photographs. Background with Videos.


Company profile.

Attach project documents, information topics.

Menu Design, Photo Gallery and Videos.

Background with Videos.

Links to social networks.


Configuration and implementation of SEO, tactics to improve positioning in Web Search engines such as Google.

Pages adjustments for Mobile platforms.

Enable Marketing tools for: email campaigns, promotions, contacts list.

Includes maintenance for one year.




Domain (1) year ( $ 29.00
Site Hosting (1) year $ 238.00

Corporate email account (1) year $82.00

Website Design $ 819.00 


Total: $ 1,168.00



Starting from $ / current price


Additional Service to boost your business (must buy):

Bilingual website design (English - Spanish).
Reservations / Membership Plans / Price Packages / Workshops / Coupons / Chat /Email marketing / Social Marketing / short videos of social marketing/ Events / Blog / App for your Business



Website Design / Business Plan

SKU: WS-BSSP-06-13
  • We help you boost your sales, highlighting your products, advising you on the corporate content. Provide areas for your customers comments. Sales online from the comfort of your home or offices.

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