Why cloud computing?

Increasingly companies are moving core elements of their business to the cloud via hybrid implementations. It's the best thing for small, medium and large companies, because it provides access to business data and applications from anywhere, at anytime, from any mobile device, at a reasonable price. 

The cloud gives small businesses access to technologies that previously were out of their reach and lets them compete with both other small businesses and larger ones. The cloud enables your IT infrastructure to evolve as quickly as your business does. Moving forward with cloud computing, in a private and dedicated environment, will bring your small business many benefits that directly impact productivity and security.  Whether you are a retail, food & beverage, real estate or financial services small business owner, cloud computing is a practice that you will want to integrate and eventually adopt all together.

Here are a few benefits of cloud for your business:

  • Lower costs

  • Flexibility

  • Disaster recovery

  • Automatic software updates

  • Work from anywhere

  • Document control

  • Security

Who uses Software - Defined Storage (SDS) and why?

By adopting Software-Defined Storage (SDS), Enterprise IT organizations can incrementally add capacity a few nodes at a time; so that as demand increases, storage can grow to meet the demand, as opposed to having to invest in more and more hardware for traditional storage arrays. SDS will enable them to have more flexibility in their procurement model and significantly lower storage costs.

Backing up data to restore them in case of data loss is one of the most important issues in every company. 

Here are a few benefits of Software-Defined Storage (SDS):

  • High Availability

  • Data Protection

  • Optimization 

  • Virtualization

  • Scalability

  • Convenient Monitoring 

  • Technical Support 

Managed IT Services

Some of our services are:
  • Installation/Removal of Hardware and/or peripherals

  • Installation and Configuration of hardware/software

  • Computer equipment replacement, removal or relocation

  • Installation/update and maintenance of operating systems

  • E-mail accounts configuration

  • Update of Server’s operating systems

  • Computer virus scanning and removal

  • Network installations

  • Software development tailored to the busines

Software development tailored to the business

Gathering information:

We identify the needs of your project.


Project management:

We develop the work schedule, activities with the necessary strategies and resources.



We build functional graphical interfaces to operate the software.



We use the necessary tools to make the software as tailored and scalable as possible.



Corresponding validations.


Production Startup:

Delivery the installed product for its start-up.

IT Services

Keep IT infrastructure resources up-to-date, safe, productive, consistent with the organization.


Evaluation and Maintenance:

We help you to prolong the life of your work team.


Remote Accesses:

Your information always secure with our remote systems, support, updates and backups.



The monitoring allows us a deep review of how the computer equipment is behaving.


Equipment migration:

We carry out the necessary migrations between teams.

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