We design your website with dynamic elements for a corporate presence, portals, domain management, hosting, email, social networks, among others. We help you boost your sales, highlighting your products, advising you on the corporate content. Provide areas for your customers comments. Sales online from the comfort of your home or offices. 

Video Creation. Photography sessions.

To attract potential customers we offer the Marketing Material that allows you to promote your business.


Basic Plan Affiliation 2. Maintenance service to social networks.

  • Design creation, custom style of social media post template.

  • Maintenance of organic Marketing to social networks.

  • Links to the website in the publications made for the different social networks.

  • Publications for holidays.

  • Promotions and discounts publications.

  • Maintenance of stories.

  • Includes a document with the statistics released on the organic maintenance of social networks hired by INGLinks. Progress from the first day of hiring. This document shows actual charts and recommendations.

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Maintenance service to social networks

Creation of the professional page on social networks in case of not having it. Including referential data (such as address, telephone, website, etc.).

5 weekly publications including stories (1 daily, weekdays).

Publications of 2 basic short videos.


Publications of photographs and professional content.

Website Design

Domain Contracting (1) year.

Site Hosting (1) year.

E-mail account (1).

Design Consulting:

Company profile, Contact information, photo gallery, social networks, services, products.

Online store: Design and creation of online store (Initial catalog of products and services, with descriptions and photographs). Limited quantity of registered products.

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