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5 Keys to Starting Your Own Business on a Tight Budget

Starting your own business is a brave venture that can lead to great success. If you’ve had an idea brewing and are ready to take the plunge, kudos to you!

01. Build your website

If you’re really serious about getting your business out there, you need to create a website. Get started by choosing a website template, adding stunning images and compelling text and make your site stand out by including cool parallax effects.

02. Come up with killer content

An easy way to get your brand out there? Write about it! Start with the content on your website, like your About Us page and your homepage. Your website acts as your first sales pitch so be sure to include all of the content that’s going to make your case to your site visitors.

Of course, content doesn’t only exist on your website. You’ll want to open up social channels to help connect you to your target audience, so make sure the type of content you post there is aligned with your website’s messaging and overall branding. Got a lot to say? Consider adding a blog to your website to show your visitors you’re an expert in your field who is up to date on all of the trending topics. And you guessed it, the content on your blog should have the same tone and feel as what’s on your website and social channels.

03. Simplify your management process

Being an entrepreneur is a balancing act. With your hands in so many different places at once, we understand that you could use a little bit of help.

With the help of Bookings, your customers can schedule appointments and classes right on your website in just a few clicks. The best part? You can accept secure payments and deposits online, freeing up time for you to focus on everything else on your plate.

Another great tool to help you manage your business while you’re on the go? Engage. You can easily keep track of your site activity and connect with users directly so you never miss a beat.

And since the mind of an entrepreneur is usually in a million places at once, use Smart Actions to help you automate the process of sending confirmation emails to your customers following a store purchase.

04. Advertise your business online

You may think promoting your business is a challenging feat, but with a few simple tricks, you’ll be getting website traffic like a veteran. There are two easy ways you can approach online advertising; Facebook advertising and Google Adwords. Both platforms allow you to target the specific audience you want to reach, but in different ways.

If you want to target a certain demographic of people, like people in their mid 30’s living in California, consider using Facebook advertising. If you want to advertise to people who are searching by specific keywords related to your business like, “online jewelry shop,” then you’ll want to get started with Google Adwords.

05. Save money where you can

We know you’re dreaming big when it comes to the future of your business and you should be! But in order to achieve your goals, you need to cut costs where you can when you’re first starting out. You might want to hold off on purchasing that billboard on the side of the highway or that tricked out iPhone that just came out yesterday. Go over all of your expenses and get rid of the things you don’t really need right now. Try and get in on a promotion for your internet or cell phone plan and make sure you’re getting the best deal out there. One day you’ll look back and be thankful for just how mindful you were of your money when you were starting out.

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